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孰知 by Cammie C.

The rich colors and patterns of this cheongsam will bring out your passionate and charming side!Available Size:8Made-to-Measure..
The new series:  the ping-pong pattern of this new series is the insight of our Cheongsam Designer, Cammie Chan -inserting sports into cheongsams as the pattern of the cloth.The outfit with a pink base and double trims which are the main elements of a traditional cheongsam, it also uses the new..
This cheongsam has a soft and warm rose and daisy pattern which gives off a cheerful and friendly aura, with delicate ruffles that gives it a modern and fresh feeling.Available Size:4Made-to-Measure..
The cheongsam with pink and blue floral embroidery, denim also is the main fabric which make the whole cheongsam more unique!Available Size:8Made-to-measure..
Pale Green Jacquard Floral Sleeveless Cheongsam with wavy stand collar and cheongsam hem, coupled with sleeveless design. The style is distinctive and noble. This emphasis the elegant and generous of ladies.Available Size:Made-to-measure..
Bright green sleeveless cheongsam with red dots, this contrast colour gives a feeling of brightness. Besides, the denim that connects the back to the waist makes it more special today.Available Size;6Made-to-measure..
This long shirt uses a combination of green and red to make it look more original. Also, on the left side of the cheongsam denim fabric is added which enhances the modern atmosphere!Available Size:4Made-to-measure..
If you are into the elegant style, you must like this Chinese Style Close-fitting Cheongsam Dress from Cammie - it is delicate but stylish...
The classic and timeless pattern of this cheongsam will add to your traditional beauty, while maintaining a hint of modernism in the trims.Available Size:6Made-to-Measure..
New Collection designed by our designer!  The designer of Cammie Chan Cheongsam, Norman Chan, designed the pattern of the cloth, and Cheongsam Designer Cammie Chan designed this special style of outfit.Available Size: 4*Can made-to-order your size and even your chosen color with this pattern!..
Cheongsam Cape is elegant and stylish, with traditional flower buttons on this modern cape, designed by Cammie, our cheongsam designer! It’s suitable for both work and dates, also can keep us in good condition even under strong air-conditioning areas...
This classic and elegant jacquard flower print apron is designed with beauty in mind...
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