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05 Feb TimeOut Magazine: 10 Quality-approved brands to add to your shopping list
16 Jun Cammie Chan' s Cheongsam Designer Road - Started The Peak Flagship Store During Pandemic
18 May Hong Kong Commercial Daily - Outstanding Business Women Award 2022
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Congratulations to our founder Cammie and all awardees for their outstanding achievement and committed leadership.Thank you for all your support!Related News Clip: Hong Kong Commercial DailyLearn more..
18 May CAMMIE CHAN CHEONGSAM is now in Malaysia!
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You can see our Cheongsams in Malaysia now! ..
15 May 【 Paint it. Print it. Wear it. 】 DIY Fabric for Your Own Cheongsam
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Ever thought of embedding your artwork, your favourite pattern or a photo on a Cheongsam?  Let us fulfil your wish! Provide us with a painting, a photograph of your beloved or a pet, or even just a sp..
14 May CHEONGSAM GREEN ♻️ Recycling Campaign - Out with the Old, In with the NEW
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CHEONGSAM GREEN ♻️ Recycling Campaign - Out with the Old, In with the NEWNow you can drop off the cheongsams or qipaos you once loved to CAMMIE CHAN CHEONGSAM or "for a change" the Peak store or our c..
14 May CAMMIE CHAN CHEONGSAM Founder Cammie Chan Combines Tradition and Innovation to Promote Cheongsam Culture
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CAMMIE CHAN CHEONGSAM 創辦人陳淑芝結合傳統和創新 致力推廣長衫文化2022-12-20 10:19:23原創來源:香港商報       近年各大時裝品牌流行復古風,把那些被視為「過時」的元素推陳出新,演變為新世代時尚美學。CAMMIE CHAN CHEONGSAM及更衣記創辦人兼執行董事陳淑芝(Cammie Chan)一直以推廣長衫常服化為己任,她希望改變年輕人對長衫的固有觀..
08 Mar Revolutionary
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#revolutionary Hegen's revolutionary design breakthroughs the traditional feeding bottles limitations - e.g. hegen's sqround bottle and PCTO™️ (Press-to-close; twist-to-open) lid brings feeding bottle..
21 Jan Timeless Cheongsam, featured by Kono Magazine
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Timeless Cheongsam, featured by Kono Magazine..
04 Aug
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"Improvise Cheongsam by Cammie x Wing Chan"  展覽日期:13/3/2021 – 30/3/2021.地點:銅鑼灣京士頓街 9 號 The Orient 長衫設計師 Cammie Chan 陳淑芝 + 攝影藝術家 Wing Chan 陳漢榮 - 一個即興的融合城市圖像燦爛的色彩與動感,躍然於十件長衫之上,攝影與長衫的美感交織,是破格創新的 Crossove..
04 Aug Cammie Chan's Profile
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Cammie Chan is the Founder and Creative Director of Cammie Chan Cheongsam (CCC). Being inspired to design for her fellow cheongsam enthusiasts, Cammie founded CCC in 2016 with the principle of sustain..
30 Aug The Long-lasting and Goodwill Charity Cheongsam Shop
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