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Cammie Chan X Memphis

If you are into the elegant style, you must like this Chinese Style Close-fitting Cheongsam Dress from Cammie - it is delicate but stylish...
This special cheongsam looks like a 2-piece outfit.  It is made with a red Memphis spotted pattern cloth with green trims and modern buttons.  The most eye-catching feature is the cross at the back waist area.  It feels like a crop top but also uncovers the traditional style of Cheong..
This Green Lake cheongsam is very special, besides the black patches on the Memphis cloth, Cammie designed some looping patterns on the edges of the whole attire Looks young without loss of elegance! Action now and make an appointment with us for your unique Cheongsam.Available Size: Made-to-me..
With a glance of the fabric from Memphis, the design of this amazing cheongsam came alive in Cheongsam Designer, Cammie Chan's eyes.Inspired by the Memphis patterns, this cheongsam (qipao) is composed of patchwork combining two main colors, green and red, with lotus leaf/ruffle sleeves and three pai..
Available Size: Size 2Made-to-measure is available. (Please mention your size in the notes area before completing your payment.)..
Using the geometric patterns of the bright Memphis fabric, with green squares scattered on the reddish surface, brings out the modernism & joy of this Cheongsam. To mark the uniqueness of this product, Cammie redesigned the placket area by using 3 stripes of ribbons extending from the buckl..
Some of you may not be familiar with the zip-fitting way of cheongsam - no worries now, you can wear this trendy Cheongsam designed by Cammie like wearing a button-front outfit!The red little buttons in the front merge exquisitely with the fashionable Memphis pattern design, the rims bring out a sli..
This close-fitting Cheongsam reveals the charm of female!  Having the theme of the diamond-shaped Memphis pattern, Cammie decorated the outfit with pink lace at the edges and purple button closing.  These feminine features made up a perfect add-on to the stylish design of the whole Chinese..
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