Ever thought of embedding your artwork, your favourite pattern or a photo on a Cheongsam? 


Let us fulfil your wish! Provide us with a painting, a photograph of your beloved or a pet, or even just a splendid idea, and Cammie Chan Cheongsam can transform it into the Cheongsam of your dreams! 

Here are a few easy steps to follow if you want to create the one and only Cheongsam uniquely made for you:

1. Send us a digital file of your artwork or photo. You may need to scan your artwork if it is not digital. We will help you convert your file into a printable 300 dpi file! (If the original file size is larger than A3 there will be an additional charge.)

2. Choose how your pattern will be printed! We offer two ways of patterning on the Cheongsam: Repeated small figures over the Cheongsam, same sized or in different sizes; and a single large figure printed on the Cheongsam.

3. Next, you can adjust the patterning and coloring! We offer adjustment up to 2 times in total. (+300 per additional adjustment.)

4. Ta-da! Your very own Cheongsam will be made and ready for you to wear!

If you want to get your unique Cheongsam started, or have any enquiries, contact us now at 31138138! (Call and Whatsapp available)