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The pink trims and unique sleeves add a playful look to this cheongsam.Available Size:4Made-to-Measure..
This cheongsam with swirling lace patterns is very elegant and beautiful.Available Size:Made-to-Measure..
If you are into the elegant style, you must like this Chinese Style Close-fitting Cheongsam Dress from Cammie - it is delicate but stylish...
This cheongsam with the blue pattern print design is in an elegant and generous style.Available Size:4..
The classic and timeless pattern of this cheongsam will add to your traditional beauty, while maintaining a hint of modernism in the trims.Available Size:6Made-to-Measure..
This cheongsam apron is yellow floral printed design, which makes the apron become more vivacious. ..
New Collection designed by our designer!  The designer of Cammie Chan Cheongsam, Norman Chan, designed the pattern of the cloth, and Cheongsam Designer Cammie Chan designed this special style of outfit.Available Size: 4*Can made-to-order your size and even your chosen color with this pattern!..
This cheongsam apron is designed with black circle brushstroke print and pink highlight, also decorated with pink trims...
This Turquoise lace with white facing Cheongsam Cape is elegant and stylish, the refreshing turquoise colour are lively but also mature with the lace fabric. It is designed by Cammie, our cheongsam designer! It’s suitable for both work and dates, also can keep us in good condition even under strong ..
Tropic green leaves with parrots Cheongsam Jacket gives a mordern and suit-like firm shape, offers you both casual and semi-formal choice in you wardrobe...
Tiffany blue cheongsam apron with pastel violet checkered pattern design, although checkered design is inspired by traditional architecture, when with the colour of the matching to become innovative!..
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