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Tiffany blue cheongsam apron with pastel violet checkered pattern design, although checkered design is inspired by traditional architecture, when with the colour of the matching to become innovative!..
With a contrasting color scheme and bright, lively seashell patterns, this cheongsam brings out the theme of the sea in a joyously beautiful way...
This cheongsam features a soft yellow base with clusters of delicate pink and purple flowers. The flowers are intricately embroidered, giving the robe an elegant and ethereal look. With its beautiful color palette and intricate floral patterns, this long robe exudes a sense of femininity and grace, ..
The melted paint lines complement the ink floral pattern on this cheongsam, just like a painter covering their clothes with paint. Artists always appreciate unique things, just like the intricate trims on this cheongsam, exuding romance in every detail.Available Size:4Made-to-Measure..
Cheongsam Cape is elegant and stylish, with traditional flower buttons on this modern cape, designed by Cammie, our cheongsam designer! It’s suitable for both work and dates, also can keep us in good condition even under strong air-conditioning areas...
This classic and elegant jacquard flower print apron is designed with beauty in mind...
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