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This sleeveless cheongsam is designed with white lace, which is modern and emphasis the femininity.Available Size:2Made-to-Measure..
This cheongsam is designed with blue floral pattern in a white base, with contrasting yellow buttons. The cap sleeves design creates a fresh and interesting effect.Available Size:Made-to-Measure..
This cheongsam with the blue pattern print design is in an elegant and generous style.Available Size:4..
The classic and timeless pattern of this cheongsam will add to your traditional beauty, while maintaining a hint of modernism in the trims.Available Size:6Made-to-Measure..
This baby blue cheongsam gown is both formal and playful, making it suitable for all sorts of events!Size:Made To Measure..
This close-fitting Cheongsam reveals the charm of female!  Having the theme of the diamond-shaped Memphis pattern, Cammie decorated the outfit with pink lace at the edges and purple button closing.  These feminine features made up a perfect add-on to the stylish design of the whole Chinese..
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